Windows POS Software

Specialty software for POS processing.

Windows POS Software for Resale Retail Consignment

More than POS, Best Software includes inventory control, customer and employee management and accounting for retail, resale (buy outright), consignment, rental and layaway. Put sales on hold. Apply discounts and sales tax per line item, per category or per invoice. Two sales-tax fields. Price labels and hang tags with barcodes for scanning at point-of-sale.

POS Software

The program is compatible with touch screens.

Best Software includes two tax fields and provides options to apply tax at point-of-sale per line item, per category of inventory and per invoice. Reseller Tax IDs can be applied and recorded per sale.

The sales screen has 5 separate invoices so if the person checking out wants to continue shopping, go on to the next invoice screen and check out the next person in line. The sales screen includes a shutdown warning to avoid losing open invoices.

Items can be added to the sales invoice by:

  • Scanning price-label and hang-tag barcodes
  • Selecting items from a drop-down list of inventory
  • Entering Item IDs
  • Entering information about items not listed in inventory
  • Selecting an item in the inventory list on the main screen then pressing 'Add Item to Invoice'

Any item can be removed from the invoice by selecting it and pressing 'Remove Item'. All items can be removed by choosing 'Clear Screen'.

Any invoice can be flagged as a layaway and the schedule of planned-payment dates and amounts can be entered on the invoice screen.

Discounts can be applied per line item, per category and per invoice. The discount amounts can be a percentage or dollar amount.

If the employee module is being used, each sale records the employee who processed the sale. Each employee can be granted or denied access to any specific part of the program or data. Each can be denied the ability to grant discounts and POS and/or to void sales - two common methods of employee theft. Commissions can also be tracked. Employees can use store credit to make purchases.

Any credit-card processing can be used. When a credit card is selected as the method of payment, the program enters the amount of the sale as the amount of the payment to avoid key entry. Payment can be split into two or more methods.

Purchaser information can be entered on the sales screen and recorded in the program for building a mailing list.

Receipts can be printed on paper or they can be printed on 3" rolls of paper using a thermal receipt printer.

Labels and tags (with barcodes) can be printed on sheets of paper using an ink printer or they may be printed on rolls of thermal labels and tags.

Inventory Control

Best Software manages the purchase and resale of consignments, items purchased from individuals (buy outright) and items purchased from suppliers (wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, etc.). Rentals can also be processed.

The program includes over 300 reports making it unnecessary in most businesses to use a 3rd-party accounting software.

The cost of using the software is a once up front with no trailing annual or monthly support fees. The initial cost is not overblown with support fees which is the primary reason why the software is priced well below competing programs.