Zip and Send Files to Tech Support

Step 1. Zip (Compress) Data Files

Files on your computer (like BCSS data files) can be zipped (compressed) into one file that will be smaller in size than the total of all data files (for faster transmission over the Internet).

Always make certain you have at least one good backup of your data files. (For instructions, press F1 in BCSS to open the User's Guide and at the top, to the right of Data, click on Backup.)


  1. Click on the Start Button.
  2. Click on Computer (My Computer in XP).
  3. Click on C:\
  4. RIGHT click on the BCSS folder. (Do not open it.)
  5. Select Send To.
  6. Select 'Compressed (zipped) folder'. (Wording will vary.)
  7. A variety of things can happen next, depending upon the zipping (compression) program on your computer. If a Wizard opens, note where the file will be placed so you can find it. Type in a name like myshopname-date. A new file will be created in the same folder. Just enter a name like myshopname-date.

This procedure placed a new file on your computer which contains all of your data files. The next step is equally as easy.

Step 2. Send the Zipped File to Tech Support

To avoid problems with free email services and large data files, use the free service at We Transfer to transmit your file to tech support:

On the Wetransfer Site:

  1. Click on 'Add files'.
  2. Navigate to the file on the computer and select it.
  3. Enter in the 'Friend's email' field.
  4. Enter you email address.
  5. Click on message and enter your shop name, your name, the BCSS edition and version. State the issue and what causes it. (What was being done when the error appeared?)
  6. Press 'Transfer'.

It is very important that you verify that tech support has received your files. Leave the WeTransfer window open until you see confirmation that the transmission was successful. It's good practice to send another email to tech support with your name, shop name and a note that your data files using WeTransfer.

In most cases tech support will return your files to you with instructions for applying the repaired files, or they will report that no changes were necessary.

While you are waiting, BCSS can be used to do anything (like printing labels for existing inventory records, looking up information, etc.) that does not involve adding or editing data.

Changes to data will be lost if your existing files are replaced by the files returned to you.

Most of the time data files are returned within 24 hours if not 12 or less.

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