The truth is that consignment shops opting for Best Consignment Shop Software (BCSS) have saved over $3 million since 2001 by paying far less for software, hardware and services. (Most stores have paid absolutely nothing for service after purchase.)

The fact is that 80+ BCSS clients have offered their 5-star ratings at Capterra dot com (a recognized software-review site).

Respected rating services award 5 stars and A+ ratings to BCSS. Rather than visit irreputable sites owned by disgruntled competitors for opinions, read Better Business Reviews of BCSS.

And sadly, it's also true that the consignment industry has its share of Internet punks and charlatans conspiring to exploit the innocence of consignment-shop owners and employees.


Unlike other programs, BCSS price is not padded with pre charges for support, so initial cost is hundreds of dollars less.

Unlike the competition, there are no annual support fees.

Conpro: $1300 just for the software. Every piece of competitors’ hardware is way over-priced and potential buyers are mislead by phoney comparisons to nonexistent 'List Prices'. Shipping is tacked on to the end of the order AFTER credit-card information is required. Additional copy of the software: $295. Opening a new store: Pay full price again. Database 'trim'? $69 Data Conversion: $200 (nonrefundable so if the conversion is useless you're still out the $200) Annual support fees: up to $300 (with gimmicks)

For a real rip, try Wilson's 'lease program': $129 per month. (more if more than 1 computer is in use) For how long? Well, we asked and were told "forever" then when pressed as to why anyone would pay $129 "forever" when they could buy the program for $1300 (still a rip), the answer changed to, "Oh, then, 2 years". Most recently the response has been changed to "You can lease the program for as long as you like. If at any point you decide to purchase the software 50% of your payments would go towards the purchase price." Such a deal. If you pay $129 for 20 months to accumulate enough credit to purchase at $1,250, you will have spent $2,580 for a home-made program unsuitable for commercial use!

BCSS: For $1300 you can get the software, a thermal label printer, a barcode scanner, a cash drawer and $201 in change!

Software Updates

Other vendors play games with software updates, heralding 'Free software updates with paid annual support!' which really means 'No software updates and no support if annual fees aren't paid'.


Uniquely BCSS transfers ownership of the first copy of the software to the purchaser. Resaleworld says their software can be resold but their 'commission' wipes out most/all of the proceeds of the sale. Wilson at Conpro blatantly lies up front, saying his software can be resold without explaining that his software can only be sold to the person buying your shop and that person must continue to use your shop name, address/location and phone number.


Most vendors offering consignment software are individual programmers, like Wilson at conpro who 'wrote his software for his mom'. He's a one-man show with some admin help so when he's gone so will be support of 'his' software.

BCSS is a team of specialists manning separate departments in sales/marketing, customer support and technical support. Unlike conpro, personnel are replaceable and support isn't dependent upon one person.

Terms of Use

Wilson at conpro bragged openly in a public forum of 'firing' customers "when they cost you more than they earn you". He told one user that because she asked too many questions, she was removed from his client list and would have to buy the software again (yes, $1000) to continue to receive support.

Not long ago he offered a 'free software update' to users who chose not to pay the annual support fee. Those who took him up on the alleged act of generosity found their software disabled days later. When contacted Wilson refused to remove the bug he planted until users agreed to start paying the annual support fee.

Over time Wilson has floated this fee and that, this price increase and that. Months ago the price was increased to $1300 and apparently now it's back to the previous $995 -another failed attempt to pump each store for the maximum.

Such are the vagaries of entrusting your business to an individual with no supervision or regulation. Even his use of the word 'we' is intended to deceive people into believing that he's something more than an Internet punk with a keyboard.

In contrast BCSS policies are generous and liberal:

The Programs

'Conpro' is written in an antiquated programming language from the 90's (Visual Basic) and uses a light-weight database intended for home use (MS Access). A good indication of the true nature of unreliability of the software is Wilson's own comment: "I wrote this program for my mom."

BCSS is an integrated language and database (FoxPro 9.0) and yes, while Microsoft has discontinued support for it, independents have stepped in to maintain the integrity of the language.


Try it for yourself this weekend. Send an email to the 'emergency weekend support' email address 911 @ consignpro dot com or make the call. The response: "See you on Monday."

With BCSS a personal support rep is assigned to your account. Support arrangements are completely between you and him/her.

Most importantly, if there is no need for support, there is no payment for support. Payment for support is only made when help is provided.

Credit-Card Processing

Some vendors require their credit-card processor be used. Why? Because they get an (undisclosed) kickback from the processor so in turn, you'll pay more for credit-card processing.

With BCSS any card-processing service may be used AND because BCSS is not 'integrated' with card processing, it doesn't need to be included in PCI considerations.


At least one vendor requires that labels be purchased from them, which is just another way of making a profit on store business. Stores using 1,000's of labels every year essentially end up paying more than necessary because the 'wrong software' was purchased.


Wilson tried floating a false BBB claim on his website that his business is 'accredited' and he left it there until the BBB called him on it. Casey for a long while misrepresented the BCSS BBB rating as 'F' as one of his attempts to discredit BCSS.

Both Wilson and Casey gladly publicize a handful of complaints that people have had with BCSS, suggesting that only BCSS has an unhappy customer here and there. The fact is, at least one out of one hundred customers will be a 'problem child', making demands and having fits when their (unreasonable) demands aren't met.


Both Wilson and his bud Casey at are out to get as much as they can from each store owner (with $1300 software, hardware markups, hidden/forced fees, $100/hour 'support'... It's completely unsurprising that they make every attempt to discredit BCSS.

Inquire about leasing and financing.