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Increase your store profit every month by avoiding software programs with forever fees. Pay once for software and use the savings to promote your business.

Web-Based Clothing Software

By far the most expensive 'consignment-software alternative' is web-based software. You don't need it to gain mobility or 'work from anywhere'. You can do that for free and avoid the $100/month expense. Web-based software is like flypaper. Once you get stuck to it, costs will sky rocket and you won't be free to switch to another program - not without added expense, data conversion and learning another program.

Need mobility or 'work from anywhere'? Buy a software program that you own for 1 payment, install it on your computer and access that computer 'from anywhere' using free remote-pc software, or, install the software you own on a laptop and take your business with you. Two good options to paying forever to use software in the cloud.

Clothing Software with a Catch

Having a hard time finding all the expenses that will follow once you're locked into a software program? Well, that's by design. Fairly enough all possible costs should be right up there on the front page of every software website emphasized equally with the sales rhetoric but no, you would need to know 1) that hidden fees exist and 2) how to find them. On the websites that do not fairly disclose all possible costs, it's necessary to drill down to sub and sub-sub webpages to dig up what choosing the software will really cost over time.

How can you guard against this unfair and unethical practice? Just ask the software vendor to provide you with a full WRITTEN disclosure (by email) of all possible fees that can be levied, then when this fee and that start popping up after purchase, you'll have solid recourse for getting a full refund (if not getting the attention of the State Attorney General).

Some Common Ploys

"Our annual support fee is optional." or "Free updates with paid annual support!" You won't find 'the catch' within 100 yards of those half truths. The other half is 'support will be denied and (essential) software updates will be withheld if the annual support fee is not paid'.

"You have to buy the software before training will be provided." In other words, you should determine for yourself if the software is suitable for your business and not expect the software vendor's salesperson to assist you with that.

"You must use our integrated credit-card processing." In all known cases the software vendor will get a kickback on every one of your sales and you will be locked into future cost increases because you won't want to buy and learn another software program, so buy a program that doesn't have this requirement.


Is there anything more irritating than buying something then discovering after the money-back period that you're getting hit up for more money?

Oh the worst: Web-based software lures new clients with a 'low monthly outlay' then when limitations are reached and you're locked in, the price escalates considerably. The limitations:

Take the Easy Path

Best Consignment Shop Software discloses all up front. There is no disclosure of support fees because there are none. Support is available and payment for support is made at the time help is rendered - at rates well below local IT services. Fear mongers will caution that 'you could spend a fortune for support' but in truth not one of our clients in 18 years has paid more than $100 in a year's time and most pay nothing at all.

Prices for our software and hardware are published. There's no 'call for pricing' as a means of roping prospective clients into high-pressure sales pitches. There's no add-on fees for shipping or sales tax (except TX).

The partner you choose to rely upon for software, hardware and support will be a vital part of your business. Chose one that begins the relationship with honesty, pride and integrity.


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