Computer Help for Consignment-Resale Shops

Even a brand-new computer is loaded with 'bloatware' and must be configured correctly for maximum speed and protection from hackers, attackers and hijackers!

These are just a few of the things that must be done on every computer for maximum performance, safety and enjoyment:

  • Install adequate protection against power surges and outages.
  • Guarantee that viral attacks can't access the hard drive.
  • Maximize RAM memory, giving the computer more 'virtual space' to process.
  • Remove all unnecessary programs to free disk space, stop popups, updates and avoid conflicts.
  • Turn automatic Windows Updates and Search Indexing off.
  • Turn the Windows or anti-virus firewall on.
  • Turn Windows Restore on to assure having the ability to recover from a disaster.
  • Uninstall unneeded printers and correctly configure printers in use.
  • Block employees from making changes on the computer, playing games, downloading files and wasting time on the Internet.
  • Prevent employees from voiding sales, making unauthorized discounts and accessing sensitive information in BCSS.
  • Manage data backup successfully