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Reviews of Best Consignment Shop Software

"Excellent service, they answered every question I had and provided great technical support!!!" Jason Stevens, This Old Couch, Bend, OR (email) 606-336-0800

"We've been using BCSS since 2006 in 5 stores and cant be happier. Thanks to BCSS we have 5 successful businesses in Luzerne, PA. Steve, Joy and the technicians at BCSS go above and beyond to help us when we have any problems or questions. If I could give them 6 stars I would!!!" Britt Allan, Baby and Beyond, Luzerne, PA (email) 570-718-0280

"I have been in the business for 14 years. I began with paper and pencil, progressed to Excell, bought the other consignment software app and found it just awful and expensive. I was reluctant purchasing this software four years ago. My store is a little under 5,000 sq ft and I was worried that some of the girls working for me would have problems adjusting to a new system. BCSS support is amazing. They were with us through the process. When we have a clitch (which is usually because we have done something stupid} They are there to get us back in business. Always professional, always available. We have the Virtual program and it does everything for us. This software is continuously built with the future in mind and those upgrades are free. This company is serious about its product, serious about their customers and I highly recommend BCSS." Andrea Falkner, Poulsbo Mercantile, Poulsbo, WA 360-779-6434

"I've used this software for almost three years. I couldn't run my store without it and the staff and support people have been wonderful. I'm looking forward to the integration between it and QuickBooks." Chris Kelley Lowell, A Bit Less, Russell, KY 541-280-4412

"I can't say enough good things about Best Consignment Shop Software. Thanks to their liberal policies I was able to acquire the software from a previous owner for a fraction of the cost. Just recently I called to purchase a copy for a second computer and found the pricing again to be very reasonable. I also had every intention of purchasing a $300 receipt printer. Instead of making a sale the salesperson explained why I didn't need the printer so I saved another $300 plus the cost of thermal receipt paper over time. Truly a refreshing experience to do business with a company that is looking out for me!" Anna, Neighborhood Consignment, 2729 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA - 412-694-2729

"I appreciate everything you've done and I am so over-the-moon in love with Joy.. She's kind. She's considerate and she's awfully smart so this has been a great experience all the way around." Susan Kubira, The Find Market Event, Joliet, IL (email) 630-215-8777

All is going well with the software. Joy is awesome and technical support has been great. You guys do a good job peeling those of us who are less than "tech savvy" off the ceiling! Thank you for your patience! Lisa Carson 978-772-2700

"Yes, please do publish my comments. I highly recommend your software. I also got a phone call regarding the software. A lady in Costa Mesa wanted to know my opinion and I let her know it is a great system and that I would not be able to be in business with out it! I don't mind answering any questions anyone might have." Nicole Branum, Eden's Attic Consignment, Atascadero, CA (email) 805-460-6802

"I researched online the various offerings and decided to give BCSS a try based mainly on customer reviews. I am so glad I did. The software is easy to use and offers everything I could possibly need. My customers are impressed at how much my shop stands out from the others because I can enter the inventory into the system, print out inventory bar codes, and can quickly run a transaction and get them on their way. It even interfaces with a scanner and my cash drawer. This is so much more efficient than I ever dreamed of. It makes paying out consignors a breeze. I am extremely happy with this software and would recommend it to anyone who wants to open a consignment shop or convert over to a computerized system. Plus, this will make tax time that much easier...just run a report for the CPA. Thanks!!"Joey E. Dawes, Managing Partner, Dusty Rose Consignment, Cave City, AR (email) 870-283-6578

"The compliments are well deserved but I do see one very important thing missing! I looked at every software demo and literally spent 5 weeks trying to sort out all the hype. Frankly, in addition to price and design, I bought your software because you're honest! I could not believe your competitors! ANYONE thinking of buying any other program must surely not have all pertinent facts. I wrote them out in a PDF doc. Send an email. I'll be glad to share it with anyone." Mischelle Hackworth, Treasures on Main, Paintsville, KY  606-789-1661

"Things have been going great in my new a year and a half now! Thanks to BCSS I am able to juggle over 350 different consignors and over 25,000 individual bar-coded items. I couldn't have done it without you! I just wanted to touch base and say thanks for making an intuitive POS product that is reasonably priced." Nicole Watson, Consign WHAT, Kingsville, TX (email)  573-529-1254

"I highly recommend the Deluxe program. It is very easy program to pick up on and help is only a click away. In no time at all I found the Deluxe program saves so much time, effort and makes my business so efficient. From labels to printing checks, it is well worth the investment. I AM A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!" Chris Franceschi, Chris' Consignment Thrift Shop, Clifton Park, NY (email) 518-250-1103

"I also want to let you know that Joy is the most amazing woman! She helped me out so much. I think the software is just I let them know I bought it for that fact alone....and its GREAT!! Your Company got the KOODO'S from me!!!! :)" Teresa LeMay, Second Time Around, Scottsbluff, NE (email) 308-633-2726

"I am so happy that you respond to my issues as quickly as you do. Thank you very much. It was easy to learn to use the software in a short time. I absolutely love the software and recommend it every chance I get." Ernee Tebong, Love That! Designer Consignment, Baltimore, MD (email) 240-602-2610

"The software has been fabulous. Thanks for all your help!" Jeff Russell, Network Engineer, They Keep On Growing, Muncy, PA

"We have been clients of BCSS for 8 years and we have been very happy with the product and the service. The support has been efficient, easy to understand and personable. We highly recommend this software and service for other consignment shop owners. If you have any specific questions or would like to know any more detail, feel free to contact us." Real & Sheila Roy, Boston Consignment, Needham Heights, MA (email) 781-449-0900

"Awesome service! They really stand behind their products. They go above and beyond to make the customer happy, and they take a real genuine concern in their clients. I am very happy I went with BCSS for my consignment software app, I look forward to upgrading to Virtual in the near future. Thanks again for all you do!!" Mark and Shari Simpson, Evansville, Indiana (email)

"My experience with the BCSS support team has been wonderful. They respond to my queries quickly, courteously, and concisely, even going so far as to access my computer remotely when I had a crisis in the middle of business hours. I have enjoyed the multi-faceted consignment software that I am currently using in my home-school store, and will continue to do business with them predominantly because of their prompt and helpful service." Vicki Norris, Rehobeth, AL (Email)

"My 18 year old son came to help me today and found the program really easy. He was printing UPC, adding consignors, etc. within an hour of just playing with it. It was a little disappointing that he understood stuff better than me. (Okay so he read some of the manual!)" Tamie Ogden, West Jordan, UT (email)

"My husband and I both have worked for many years in Information Technology. My husband is a guru in software development. He could have created the ideal program to use in my business, but as we started reviewing what was out there we found Best Consignment Software. Like he told me "BCSS has all you want and a great price" and I could be up and running very quickly. So we went with BCSS and have never regretted it. We were able to purchase all the point of sale equipment needed from them. And the support is wonderful. When support is needed for questions, ideas or issues I usually get a response usually within the next few hours if not sooner. This is a MAJOR plus. I recommend BCSS to anyone. Email me and I will be glad to tell you about my experiences with BCSS." Brenda Hobbs, Starting Over Consignments - Sulphur Springs, TX

"I have to say that I am totally impressed with the BCSS software program. Not only is it super complete (they thought of everything) but it is easy to learn. The support has been amazingly fast, friendly and helpful. I was definitely skeptical before I bought it, but I am so glad I did. I never imagined there was a software program to help organize the many details of a consignment shop. Don't know how I would have managed without it. Cynthia M. Ader, Segunda Vida Recycled Fashion Consignment Boutique, Playa del Carmen, Mexico (email)

"We have been using BCSS for over 2 years. The service has been great and can't say enough about how fair and reasonable they are. Just today we asked about another copy of the software for our second store and were pleasantly surprised to learn that it would only be $99. A bargain we were not expecting! There truly are no hidden, add-on or surprise costs after purchase. We love BCSS & the help their team provides for us." Becky, The Sales Room, Minneapolis, MN


"I really appreciate your dedicated, prompt service and emails - you have no idea how much they are appreciated!! You offer a great customer service!! And it's nice that there's a bit of humor on the other end! For your viewers, feel free to ask any questions on this program. I have been using this software for about 3 years now and I absolutely love it!" Lealle Pelletier, British Columbia

"Love the software! Thanks for such a great product at such a reasonable cost. Please do post my comments." Catherine Ratynski, Posh Tots Children's Consignment Boutique, London, Ontario, Canada (email)

"Thank you for the instructions. By the way, I am very impressed by how well written BCSS online manual is - very detailed and yet clear explanations, easy to understand and follow - excellent job to help a consignment business beginner to have the right start! I have even managed to set up 2 computers and all printers into a network with database running on POS PC and back-office accessing the main data on the POS. Works like charm! Thanks a lot!" Sergei Gassiev, Tool X Change, North Vancouver (email)

"Thank you for the updated version of the software. The system is working just fine. You guys rock! I happen to know that you ended up doing more than one update this time around, but you did not bill me twice; which I think many other services would have. So it makes me feel better if I can acknowledge your extra efforts in some small way." Graham Cameron, Upper Canada Kids, ON

"We have had a very successful first year and a large part of it is due to the BCSS program we have had in use. We are the only consignment fashion in our area with a professional computerized POS system. As with our success I'm positive you will being seeing our competitors soon as the customers are now enjoying the detail and information we can supply to them in a printed document. I will most certainly recommend your product to any who may inquire. I have recently downloaded your update of BCSS onto my system at home and I like what I see. Your success is evident by the way your program is being modified to suit the customers wants and needs." Vince, Caliente Fashions, West Vancouver, British Columbia (email)

"Before purchasing software for my ladies' designer clothing resale boutique, I fully researched all the other options available. What tipped the scales in favor of my purchasing the Best Consignment Shop Software Diamond version over the others was the ongoing free support and updates. I am so glad I made this decision! BCSS staff have always been there to provide assistance, and have never left me hanging with any issues that arose. I recommend BCSS for their customer service, and for their continually improving product. They truly care that you are happy with your purchase!" Kara Forrest, Closet Addiction Boutique, Port Moody, BC

"Topping the list of innovative practices for Resale Vintage is our POS system. I did an extensive research for a POS system. We purchased a software program called Best Consignment Shop Software. It will do more than most software programs available on the market for over $10,000. The purchase price, including the printer and cash drawer was just over $1000 US. The best part is the support. Support for the product is free and ongoing. Initially several components were added to meet the unique needs of our Canadian-based company, like tax tracking. This software tracks inventory, consignor's percentages, settlements, employees and will produce reports of area and sales categories. It will operate in both Canadian and US currencies. This innovation has definitely contributed to our success." Louise Kneller, Westbank, BC (email)

"I've been using this software since opening a women's fashion consignment boutique in 2009. I'd researched various programmes and found that BCSS was cost effective and offered all the features I needed to run an efficient and professional service to my customers. In the five years of use, it's made my business easier and I spend less time working on administration for consignors. My consignors love the transparency of the system and the professionalism of printed inventory and settlement reports. I like the ease of use and the ability to upgrade as needed. I have no hesitation to highly recommend this programme for any type of consignment business. The customer service and ease of use are 5-star. " Tracy Lancaster, Sweetie's, New Zealand (email)

"BCSS has been awarded 5 Stars! We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future."

Almost three years ago my daughter and I decided to open a consignment stop. Having a background in software development and testing, I knew I needed software to run my business. While cost was not the final factor, I knew I wanted something that would allow me to effectively run my business. My daughter and I tested every software we could find and through testing and analysis, discovered that they were all gave us the functionality that we needed, there were four things that sold me on BCSS 1) Updates are free - knowing that in order to keep up with technology, companies are constantly updating/upgrading their software - being able to get these enhancements and/or improvements for free was totally awesome and could save me hundreds of dollars over the next few years. 2) Knowing that someone is out there to answer questions via email was reassuring. To add to that, I could also pay someone to help me with the program if needed. I could pay for the support I needed only when I needed it, I didn't have to pay for something I wouldn't use. 3) Free data storage - Oh my!! Some companies charge a fortune for data storage!! BCSS provides storage of the files of my business for free!!! Imagine that....if my computer crashes, I don't have to worry about lost data, I contact BCSS and they send me my files, I load the latest version of BCSS onto my computer, restore my data files and I'm back in business. I also do a local backup each day (just to be sure) but take advantage of the SEND DATA button at least twice a week. 4) I couldn't believe the was a "no-brainer". The program does everything you need it to do in at least 2 or 3 ways...the hardest part is figuring out which way works best for your business plan and process.

One of the frequent questions I get is: "Why and how did you start supporting BCSS?" - it's simple, I love the software and the way it makes my business run efficiently. There are other consignment shops in the area and we needed to be able to provide up to the minute info for our consignors. I am proud to say that many of our consignors are flabbergasted when we hand them their Items Donated Report the first week in January of each year - they can't figure out how we get it to them so quickly. They also love the fact that I can give them an accurate report of their account quickly. Secondly, in my life before I owned a consignment store, I was among other things, the Manager of Software Development - they paid me to try to break the software we used to run our company and after that I was the Director of Customer Service so I've learned a thing or two about taking care of customers. I kept bugging the folks at BCSS to let me help - finally one day the call came - they had thought about my offer and felt it might be a good thing to not only have someone who knows the consigning business, but to have someone who could work with new users so they decided to 'give me a try'. I've never looked back.....I love my jobs.....I've hired a couple part-time people to cover the store during my 8-5 EST business hours and I am usually there when you need me after hours. As for my store? We opened in a space with 1800sf and outgrew it in 3 months. Today we have 5,000sf filled to the brim with clothing for all family members, accessories, shoes, purses, small housewares, small furniture, books, CDs and just about anything else you might think of brought in by our 1300 consignors (and growing) and could probably expand but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I think we even have had a couple kitchen sinks come through. We've learned a lot along the way and personally I feel the future of our country is in the hands of small business owners. I want to help you be successful. My rate of $25 per 30 minutes of support is a great deal. I can teach you more in 1 hour than you can learn on your own in 4 hours. Also, with all the stress of starting up a new business, it's a great investment in the future of your business!! Joy Archer, Binghamton, NY (email) 972-898-7921

Comments from Previous Store Owners

"When starting my new Women's Consignment Clothing Store, I was planning on using a standard computer program. At the same time I wanted it to be friendly to people who aren't computer me. I found Best Consignment Shop Software on the web and investigated the pricing and capabilities. I compared it to several other programs and found the Diamond version was the best version. Now only two months into my business, this program is proving to be the best buy I made when opening my store. Its easy, computer friendly and extremely capable. The support I receive from BCSS is fantastic and I would highly recommend this program to anyone starting out." Tara Gascho-Holmes, Collingwood, Ontario

"Our family owns and operates a small children's consignment store in Alabama. We have been very fortunate to know the BCSS team and their software! We started out with a bad computer system and BCSS led us in the right direction for everything we needed to work perfectly! This software is wonderful and easy to use and the friendliness that we received from technical support made us extremely happy with the product! We would definitely recommend this software for anyone starting their own consignment business!" Traci Smith & Klaire White, Athens, AL