Software for
Busy Shop Owners

Simple software that's low-priced, easy to learn (with videos) so stores on tight budgets can learn quickly at low cost.

Consignment Software for Dummies

Your skills are in customer relations, business planning and operatin, employee management and administration - amongst others.

If computers and Windows and peripherals and software aren't your thing, we understand, and that's why Best Consignment Shop Software is designed with ease of use in mind.

Everything in BCSS is 'on top' - within 1 click (or 2) of tasks to perform and information to retrieve. Here is the entire consignment process simplified and automated:

  • Press F2 on the keyboard to add a new consignor.
  • On the new-consignor page, press a button to save the new record and open a screen to add that person's inventory.
  • On the add-inventory screen, the program will have already filled in the consignor ID, item number, barcode, date in, consignor %, path to the picture folder, quantity and category - all of which can be edited. All that's needed in a description and price. Quick!
  • On the same inventory screen, press a button to save the new items to inventory and print price labels - or not.
  • Multiple discount schedules are available, allowing for different categories of inventory to be marked down at various periods of time and amount.
  • For tight budgets, price labels and tags print from an ink printer and on sheets of labels and tags.
  • For stores with large inventories, labels and tags print from rolls of stock using a label printer. (2-year warranty, no sales tax)
  • Pressing F6 opens the new-sale screen, ready for a barcode scan. Six ways to add an item to the sales invoice, including items not entered into inventory yet.
  • When an item is entered, the program will have entered the item's ID, the item's description, the price, quantity, correct sales tax, consignor and any applicable discounts. All can be edited except the ID.
  • If credit card is the method of payment, the program will auto enter the sale amount as the amount of payment (which can be changed). The cash drawer won't open automatically.
  • If payment is by cash or check, the drawer will open and 'change due' will show.
  • There are options to print a receipt using an ink printer or a thermal receipt printer, or just save the sale without printing a receipt. (Consignment stores often don't need to print receipts because items can't be returned.)
  • Choose a consignor and press F7 to process the settlement.
  • Print checks from the settlement screen.
  • Run reports to see how you're doing - for today, this week, month or year.
  • With BCSS Virtual consignors can see their information online, cutting down on calls to the shop for the same information: "What sold?" "What's my profit?"
  • Integrated credit-card processing is available but not required. Rates: Visa + .1% and 5c per transaction. No application or termination fees (because there is no contract).

So, if you're looking for a low-priced program with no annual support fees that's 'intuitive' - you're home!