Low-Cost Software

Pay less now and later. No monthly or annual support fees!

Cheap Low-Cost Consignment Boutique Software

The big expense for OTHER consignment software is support fees! Not at Best Consignment Shop Software! There are no monthly or annual support fees. One low payment for lifetime use. Consignpro? $1,300+ and if 'optional annual fees' aren't paid, no software updates, no service - and there's the one-man-show risk.

BCSS is layered in price so you don't have to pay for unwanted or unneeded features.

Our program is offered at a one-time price so there are no ongoing fees for updates and usage.


No-interest financing is available - generally 40% down and 3 equal monthly installments.

The Deluxe edition of Best Consignment Shop Software ($395) includes inventory management, sheet price labels with barcodes, data export (to spreadsheets and QuickBooks), work-from-anywhere option, sales processing and over 300 reports - very similar to Boutique Software in features.

The Diamond edition ($595) adds support for thermal label printing, networking computers together to share the same data and program (simultaneously), a rewards program,

These are the most common features. Both programs include lots of extras for the same price.

Options are also available, like passing credit-card costs on to consignors/vendors and buyers (where allowed). A percentage set in the program can be deducted from settlements for credit-card transactions. The monthly cost of $19.95 can also be divided amongst your customers. Individuals who object can be exluded.


It's important to note that prices are quoted for software only. This way, if you are self sufficient or have someone in store who takes care of your computer needs, including the software, you aren't forced to pay for unwanted, unneeded, unused support.

Heads up: If you ask our competitors about their 'annual support fees' they may say, "Oh, they are totally optional. You don't have to pay them if you don't want to." without explaining the consequences if you don't pay up: They will withhold essential software updates and if that doesn't work they will deny service in any form.

Instead, we don't include precharges for support, which makes converting to our software a much cheaper alternative. Need help later? Only pay for it as it's needed. Frankly software vendors who charge fixed service fees make more over time in service fees than they do selling software.

Data Conversion

Current data in Consignment Boutique Software can be moved to our system, usually within 1-2 days. Also any data currently in spreadsheets can be imported. Data conversion costs are low and depend upon the amount abd type of data.

Credit-Card Processing

You can continue to use your current card provider. If needed we can refer you to our source, which you might want to do anyway for a cost comparison. They have a $500 offer if they can't beat current rates.

Please give us a call for more details: 888-427-5779.