Discounting Alternatives

    • Auto discount aging inventory
    • Discount per item or invoice at POS
    • Conduct seasonal or promotional sale
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With Best Consignment Shop Software discount inventory prices automatically using discount schedules or manually at point of sale. Discounts can be by percentage or dollar amount per item or per category.

Discount Aged Inventory

Typically in consignment operations inventory that remains unsold over time is discounted in price to encourage purchase. Good bargains build customer loyalty and getting things out the door saves the time it takes to return unsold items to consignors, donate them, destroy them or transfer them to shop ownership.

Best Consignment Shop Software provides multiple discount schedules so some things can be marked down faster or slower than others, or not at all. A schedule can be assigned to a category of inventory and apply only to those items in the category.

At the end of holding period items can be individually flagged for return to owner, donate, destroy or transfer to shop ownership.

Price cuts can be done manually or automatically.

Concessions at Point of Sale

At POS deductions can be made per item or per invoice with each discounted by percentage or dollar amount.

Percentage and dollar reductions per item are split between item owners and the shop. Invoice discounts are absorbed by the store.

Employees can be blocked from granting discounts at POS as one form of attempting to prevent employee theft.

Special Promotions

A category of items can be put on sale at percentage or dollar discounts for a designated time period - 25% off all jeans from September 1st through the 7th, for example. Promotional discounts are absorbed by the store.

Employee Commission Adjustments

A Discount of the Total Sale and a promotional discount do not reduce the commission.

A Dollar-Amount Line Item Discount and a Percentage Discount do reduce the commission.