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    • Sell on consignment
    • Buy-resell used merchandise
    • Purchase wholesale and resell
    • Rent instruments and equipment
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    • Price Inventory Control
    • Contact Management
    • POS Processing
    • Settlements and Payouts
    • Check Writing
    • Reports

Predictable Transparent Pricing

Request a live demo on your computer to assure that BCSS is right for you before your purchase. Speak with a person: 888-427-5779.

Deluxe $395

Print agreements, labels, tags, receipts, reports and checks with an ink printer. Auto discount aged inventory. Barcodes, cash drawers, receipt printers.

Diamond $595

Deluxe plus thermal labels and tags, multiple computers, buyer records, employee management, mall space rental.

Virtual $795

Diamond plus consignor online access to account information. Add inventory online and download at the shop.

Intro ($295) is POS software with a training panel - great for procedural reminders and training. Print price labels and hang tags (no barcodes), agreements, receipts, settlements and checks using an ink printer. Inventory is only entered at the point of sale so no records or discounting of unsold inventory.

Software for Music Sales

Musicians may approach you about buying and reselling their creations. Rather that take the risk of accumulating unsaleable inventory, if the productions have some appeal, offer to sell them on consignment. Nothing is paid up front. Owners of the pieces are recorded as well as descriptions and quantities and no payment is made until something is sold and to protect against returns, settlement can take place in the month following the month in which the sale was made. Another form of protection is to encourage musicians to settle for store credit. Stores often offer a small % bonus for electing that option.

Instrument and Equipment Sales

Buy and resell or sell on consigment.

Purchasing from individuals and reselling is commonly referred to as 'buy outright'. Making purchases from suppliers, wholesalers and manufacuturers for resale is referred to as 'retail'.

Sources of merchandise as well as the inventory can be recorded, tracked, sold and reported in the program which does include point-of-sale (POS) features: discounting, sale receipts, payment collection by various methods...

Layaways are included in the software. Any sale can be flagged as a layaway and a provisional payment schedule can be created at the time of sale.

Rentals can also be processed for another stream of income. The program keeps track of renters, rental amounts, date out, date due and can create a report of late returns. Late fees can be applied.

BCSS cannot be purchased until the shop owner confirms that the software does all that is necessary and works properly on the shop computer(s), so please take advantage of the pre-sale live demo. Start by downloading the software then watch this video on buy outright.

Price Discounting

Fresh new inventory encourages repeat customer visits. Typically shops selling on consignment (and otherwise) might mark down asking prices of consignments to encourage sale and keep inventory turning over.

That feature is included in the software, allowing variable discounts per category. A common schedule is to discount by 10% after 30 days on the shelf, then 20% after 60 days, etc. with unsold items at the end of 120 days (or any number) being returned to owners, donated, destroyed or transferred to shop ownership.

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