BCSS Intro

Inventory is not pre-entered. Labels may be printed but unsold inventory cannot be tracked or discounted prior to POS.

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BCSS Intro™ ($295) fills a sub-$300 software void. Low price and a simplistic attractive design provide easy, affordable and exciting computerization of smaller and 'POS-only' consignment operations.

Intro™ Makes Consignment Easy:

  1. Press a button. Enter consignor information. (view)
  2. Print the auto-filled editable consignment agreement.
  3. Print price labels. (view)
  4. Press a button to process a sale. (view)
    Enter discounts, if any.
    Sales tax and change due are auto-computed.
    Record payment.
    Consignor and house accounts are credited.
    Settlement records are created in the background.
  5. Press F7 to settle. (view)
  6. Print settlement checks.
  7. Easily create important reports: Consignor Account Balance, Current Items Sold for One Consignor, Items Sold Today, Invoice List, Payment Recap, Shop Totals (including taxes collected)

Getting Intro™ is just as easy. Click 'Download' below and follow the easy instructionsto install the demo on your computer.

The BCSS Intro? training panel is great for learning consignment software and teaching new employees, and the price makes entry into software very affordable.

Intro™ may be upgraded to Deluxe, Diamond or Virtual at any time with full credit of the amount paid for Intro.

Please note that Intro is not an inventory-management software. It processes sales and settlements and prints agreements, checks, price labels and reports. It is designed for stores that prefer to enter inventory only as it is sold.