Compare BCSS Editions & Other Programs

Consignment software features, prices, policies & vendors are worlds apart. Prices range from less than two hundred to well over one thousand just for the software. Unlike BCSS, most require a monthly or annual never-ending payment and there are consequences if payments aren't paid (like the denial of essential software updates and the withholding of all forms of support).

BCSS is inventory and customer management, sales and settlement processing and accounting all rolled into one program. It processes records and transactions for consignments, resale (buy outright), layaways, donations and rentals. It keeps track of buyers, consignments, consignors, disbursements, discounts, employees, gift certificates, Rewards Points, mall space rentals, promotions, store credit and multiple sales taxes.

BCSS software is 'tiered' so it's possible to start with the basics and build skills and features as business develops. For example, BCSS Deluxe ($395) prints price labels on sheets using an ink printer while Diamond ($595) supports labels on rolls using a thermal label printer. Just pay the difference to upgrade.

BCSS Editions grow with shop needs and
user skills. (Prices are for software only.)

  • Intro™: ($195) Consignor Records & Agreements, Price/Address Labels, Sales, Settlements, Checks & Reports
  • Deluxe™: ($395) Inventory Management, Auto Discounting, Bar Codes, QuickBooks Export, Layaways, Rentals - Supports Cash Drawer/Receipt Printer (sold separately)
  • Diamond™: ($595) Mall Rental, Networking, Employee & Buyer Records, Buy/Sell Price Suggestions (optional module), Police Reporting, Rewards Program, Wish Lists, Thermal Price Labels (sold separately)
  • Virtual™: ($795 + $25/mo) Consignors add/view inventory and account information online, QuickBooks Integration

  • Solid financial backing
  • Free lifetime email support
  • No add-on fees
  • No annual fees
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Free local data backup
  • No sales tax

BCSS: No fine print. No surprises. Just great software at a reasonable cost from a reputable company.

A little bit of consignment-software history might go a long way in helping you to understand the current situation, which is a large number of software providers not only hoping to get your business but also hoping to get a good bit of your money now and over time.

The recession of the last decade spawned a rush by the unemployed and the financially strapped to turn to consignment selling as a means of bolstering income. A record number of consignment stores were started which in turn caught the attention of several software programmers who saw, not only big profits up front, but a stream of income.

For as long as consignment-shop owners turn to software programs with never-ending payments, the ruse will live on. With the exception of BCSS every consignment-software vendor has plans for streaming income from your shop to theirs. Some will tell you that their annual support fees are optional while they fail to disclose the consequences of not paying their fees, which is just one more testament to the fact that you as a consumer are not protected by any government agency against false advertising and price gouging.

There are ways to get full disclosure to shield yourself from exploitation: