The 'cheapest' consignment software is the program that costs the least over the time your business uses it.

The short and simple answer to "What Is The Cheapest Consignment Software?" is Best Consignment Shop Software.

Why BCSS is the cheapest consignment software:

Stupid Is

Do software vendors think that we are stupid? Not really but they are very keenly aware that people starting new stores are frazzled, scattered, in a hurry - looking for a quick decision, making them vulnerable to sales pitches that appeal to greed and fear.

The 'greed' part is any sale pitch that gives the (false) appearance that selecting the software program will be the most economical or worthwhile purchase. Heard this before? 'You might find cheaper software but you won't find better software!' Nonsense.

The 'fear' part mostly employed by a couple of Florida vendors is to put lower-priced competitors' dissatisfied customers in the spot light while downplaying their own. "99% customer satisfaction!" Suffice it to say there is no consignment software worth $1,000 and more up front much less any kind of trailing fees, optional or otherwise.