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free consignment software

Free Software

It's true! Get the world's best consignment software app from a reliable 18-year-old software company.

BCSS FREE CONSIGNMENT SOFTWARE is a computer application (app) that installs on Windows computers for managing a consignment-resale shop. Sell merchandise for others and resell your own inventory.

Free Consignment Software is a simple program for processing sales and settlements. It can print sheet price labels and hang tags, receipts, agreements, reports and checks using an ink printer. This plan does not track inventory so there can be no inventory reports, automatic discounting of aged inventory or the support of equipment like barcode scanners, receipt and label printers and cash drawers. Items must be entered at POS. The number of consignor accounts is limited to 30.


The offer includes a free set-up session. A technician can log onto your computer (with your permission) and talk to you on the phone to walk you through configuration.

Obviously we aren't taking in any revenue so training and support aren't included. That way, if you don't need or want help, you will not have paid for it. If you do need help the cost is minimal.

The program includes training videos and a very well-illustrated user's guide for DIY.

Credit-Card Processing

The only requirement is that credit-card transactions be processed by BluePay. There are no application fees and the card swiper is provided. Bluepay even offers to pay $500 if they can't beat your current credit-card cost so don't worry! Their rates are very low.

An Optional Profit Module!

The Profit Module allows the options of:

Effectively the Profit Module increases monthly earnings by passing credit-card cost on to patrons, including the module subscription ($19.95/month).

Software Options

The next step up in consignment software, BCSS Deluxe, does support the use of barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers. Price labels are on sheets and may be adhesive or non-adhesive. Barcodes can be scanned at POS, or Item IDs may be entered to populate the sales invoice. Supports layaways and rentals. ($395 once or $39.95/month for 1 year)

BCSS Diamond supports thermal label printing, networking, buyer and employee management, QuickBooks export, Rewards points and wish list. ($595 once or $59.95/month for 1 year)


The 'Added Advantage' is that Best Consignment Shop Software is designed, produced, offered and supported by a team of software and service professionals with 75 years of combined experience.

BCSS is software development COMPANY!

Help with Consignment Software

Quite often when a shop owner or employee encounters an issue he or she turns to the software provider for support, not really knowing what the issue is, what caused it or how to fix it. Understandable but when calling out for help it's helpful to remember that several things must work correctly 100% of the time to avoid unexpected results: Windows, the computer, hardware, the software and the database. When seeking assistance, it's best not to assume and simply ask for advice.


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