How to Price Used Clothing & Furniture

Price It Right! Software is used by managers of consignment, resale and thrift stores, garage and yard sales for obtaining suggested buy and sell prices of used merchandise - womens, mens and childrens clothing, designer clothing, baby equipment, handbags, furniture, wedding gowns and just about anything that is being resold.

PIRS suggests high, low and average prices for buying and reselling second-hand products. (You set the markup of sell prices over buy prices.)

The PIRS database contains over 360,000 items from several existing resale/consignment shops located in various regions in the North America. Configure the program to auto-adjust prices based upon your location, your customers and products (high end/low end), and your personal assessment of your business environment. Prices will be current and they will be relevant to your clientele, your locality and its economy.

Suggested prices can be also adjusted based upon each item's condition (new, slightly worn, worn), class (low, middle, high), in or out of style, in or out of demand, rarity and/or collectors' value.

For more accurate pricing, describe items in more detail (season, style, size, maternity, double stroller, 6 chairs, etc.).

When the description is complete, just press a button for prices!

The Demo is Free

Download the complete program and use it for free for 7 days without charge.

Pricing used products for shopping services requires the search tools, techniques, tactics, systems, strategies, models and solutions of a price specialist. How to calculate best, high, low, buy and sell product sale price is beyond the average employee's objectives. List prices are of no special value. Websites structure make optimal and objective decision management analysis inefficient. Enter customized strategic database computer software for a comparative information research guide. The design model compares consumer price lists with demand-based formula marketing so a manager can price items at retail or wholesale with less risk that markup decisions are not in line with demand. Yard and garage sales can quote right prices based upon a system and strategy that the current market allows. Print unit price tags with confidence and plan to service with favorable terms and without issues, from books to furniture.

Best Consignment Shop Software processes all types of selling transactions including resale (buy outright), retail, consignment and layaways. See resale software for details.

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