Consign, Resell, Retail, Rent

  • Consignment:  Sell for others
    • Variable consignor splits
    • Discount and tax by category
    • Store-credit-settlement bonus
  • Resale:  Sell for yourself
    • Buy from individuals and resell
    • Track inventory, sales and profit
  • Retail:  Sell items from suppliers
  • Rent:  Mall space and Merchant POS
  • Layaway:  A form of customer financing

Inventory. POS. Accounting.

Colorful intuitive display for easy use.

Tiered in price from $295 for new-store budgets.

Free software updates.

Use Square, PayPal or any card processor.

Work remotely for free.

Network store computers.

Restrict employee access and actions.

Option: Share card costs with consignors and buyers.

Option: Consignor online information access.

Free Live Training

View an online demo and request a live demo on your computer to assure that BCSS is right for you before your purchase. Speak with a person: 888-427-5779.

Deluxe $395

Print agreements, labels, tags, receipts, reports and checks with an ink printer. Auto discount aged inventory. Barcodes, cash drawers, receipt printers, QuickBooks.

Diamond $595

Deluxe plus first-rate thermal labels and tags, network computers, buyer records, employee management, mall space rental.

Virtual $795

Diamond plus consignor online access to account information. Add inventory online and download at the shop.

Intro ($295) is POS software program with a training panel - great for procedural reminders and training. Print price labels and hang tags (no barcodes), agreements, receipts, settlements and checks using an ink printer. Inventory is only entered at the point of sale so no records or discounting of unsold inventory - fine for simple POS.

Consignment-Software Comparisons

In recent years software vendors have attempted to push 'software as a service' with ongoing never-ending monthly or annual payments. Grand for them - pure profit. Not so much for consigning store owners.

Web-Based Software resides on a 'server' (computer) and is controlled by the software provider. The computer program stops working when payment stops.

Computer-Based Software is installed on shop computers and can also be shut down if fees aren't paid. Heads up! There are consequences to not paying the 'optional annual support fee': 1) Support will be denied and 2) if that doesn't do it, (critical) software system updates will be withheld.

Leased Software in just another version of stunning attempts to collect forever.

With either form of computer software (web or PC) the steady flow of money from shops to sellers of software take the forms of additional charges after purchase: copies of the software, number of users and locations, increases in the amounts prepaid for support...

The #1 simple and easy allin1 solution is Best Consignment Shop Software. One outlay for lifetime use with no monthly or annual costs - optional or otherwise. Splendid! Ask about quality software packages, specials, discounts, financing and lease purchases.


Computer Software Features

BCSS is several programs rolled into one software: consignment, resale (buy outright), retail and floor-space rental. Within those types of businesses there's inventory, customer and employee management, POS (point of sale), settlement and payment processing, printing, accounting and reporting.

Program Advantages

In 2001 we examined the layouts of competing programs to improve upon usability with the thought in mind that an intuitive build would increase comprehension and reduce learning/training time.

With that in mind all common tasks and essential pieces of information were brought to the surface of the user interface so in switching from clients to inventory to sales all information and tasks would be within a key press or mouse click.

Over time 'batch processes' were added to group functions for faster processing:

Consignment Aides

A default Consignor % is set in Program Setup and is applied to each sale for every consignor:

A default Discount Schedule can be applied automatically or discounts may be applied in a variety of ways:

Buy-Outright Improvements

Buy outright (aka 'Resale) is the purchasing (and reselling) of merchandise from individuals:

Retail Transactions

Retail differs from buy outright in that merchandise is purchased 'B2B' (business to business) so purchases are made from wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, craftsmen, importers, etc.

Floor Space Rental

A variety of business use the Diamond edition of BCSS to manage the renting of floor space:

The program keeps track of dealers (renters), the amounts of rent, dates due as well as those waiting for specific rental units.

Mall or market managers have the options or printing price labels and tags for vendor products and processing sales for vendors.

With the Virtual edition of the software occupants can view their account information and add inventory online.

For every rent period a report is available for renters whose sales were short of covering rent.

POS Advantages

Sales Tax can be varied in several ways:

Any credit-card processor may be used including Square and PayPal. The program is not integrated with any processing service. The sales clerk only needs to select the method of payment and process the card transaction completely independent of the software.

Multiple invoices can be opened at the same time, allowing a shopper to put a sale on hold and come back to complete the sale later on.

Hardware for Labeling and POS

Price labels and hang tags can be printed with any edition of the program using a standard black/white ink printer and sheet stock. With Diamond and Virtual editions labels and tags can be printed from rolls of thermal labels using a thermal label printer.

At POS stores can use a common scanner to scan barcodes on price tags, populating the 'line item' with information about the items being purchased, including the owners of the merchandise. (Scanners can also be used to locate items in inventory.)

Cash drawers (with locks and keys) connect to receipt printers and pop open when a receipt prints. Stores selling used merchandise often have no-return policies making the printing of receipts unnecessary so with BCSS, a drawer can be connected directly to the computer (with a special adapter replacing the printer) and will only open for non-credit-card transactions (like cash, check, store credit, etc). In the absence of a receipt printer, receipts can be printed from within the program using an ink printer.

Receipt printers print receipts on 3-inch-wide thermal roll paper (available for most office-supply stores).

POS-X is a hardware manufacturer supplying drawers and receipt printers to be used with BCSS. Other drawers and receipt printers (Epson, Star) are known to work with the program but are not recommended or supported.

Web-Based (Cloud) Alternatives

Need mobility? Get it for free:

Buying software for 'mobility' comes at a high price, not only monetarily with never-ending monthly fees but in control and security:

Installing software on your computer keeps you in control of risk, the data and cost. Most stores operate quite efficiently with the Deluxe edition of Best Consignment Shop Software at $395 with no trailing fees. Compare that to a minimum of $100 per month every month for 10 years: $12,000.

What Is Consignment Software?

Consignment software is a specialized computer program for businesses engaged in selling merchandise for others (for a share of the sales proceeds). The main features are:

Better software programs also allow for 'batch processing' - the performing of tasks in groups to save time administering to tasks. (See advantages.)