BCSS Scam Report

By discrediting BCSS two of its competitors hope to soak you for big costs and fees.

BCSS Scams, Lies and Fairy Tales

Looking for the lowdown on Best Consignment Shop Software?

BCSS towers over major companies in customer satisfaction. Mercedes Benz enjoys one of the highest satisfaction ratings at about 87%. BCSS is around 95%, meaning...

...five people out of 100 weren't happy with BCSS for one reason or another. With 3,000 copies of the software sold over the past 14 years, that might leave 150 people who didn't feel warm and fuzzy.

These are some of the lies and fairy tales told by and who hope of course to earn your business by discrediting their competitor. They say:

'The BBB rating for BCSS is "F".' The rating is "A+".

'The copyright of the name 'Best Consignment Shop Software' is fake.' The copyright symbol on the BCSS website means the same as it does on any other website. It does not refer to a 'name' but to the content of the website. Any copyright attorney will confirm that a name with common words like 'Best Consignment Shop Software' can't be copyrighted. The copyright Casey refers to is of a source code and has nothing to do with a name.

'BCSS has spammed the Internet.' It is true that the company has enjoyed a great deal of success in promoting its business on the Internet - surely deserving of the envy of Wilson and Casey.

'Lots of people have been unhappy with BCSS.' Competitors have been hard pressed to find a small number of complainants, and those who have complained are almost always guilty of gaming the system. At purchase they agree to pay for support, then become unhappy when they are reminded that they did not prepay for support and are expected pay when help is requested. Of course they blame their issues on the software and insist that (all) problems they determine to be caused by the software should be fixed 'for free'. Essentially they are expecting the software company to, in effect, refund their payments for the software in the form of free phone/remote support which invariably turns into 'free training'.

Actually ruling out the 5% who is out to gain unfair advantage, the 95% who are honest and above board love that 1) Best Consignment Shop Software is priced substantially under other programs, 2) there are no 'forced annual service fees' and 3) software updates are free.

Of course competitors like Wilson and Casey don't like it because BCSS pricing and provisions expose their greed and unfair policies, so when you read their smear pages, consider the source, brush them aside and join the few thousand people who have loved the program -- and the huge savings!

Since 2002, over 3,000 consignment/resale shops have saved a remarkable $2,000,000 (two million dollars) by choosing BCSS over competing programs. That is the undeniable truth!


BCSS Editions grow with shop needs and
user skills. (Prices are for software only.)

  • Strong Financials: We are diversified. Our bottom line doesn't rest solely upon consignment software.
  • Independence: BCSS™ is not 'programmer dependent'. We have service reps in CT, FL, GA, IL, NY, ON and TX.
  • Reliability: Microsoft's FoxPro 9.0 commercial-grade database software - used by the Department of Defense and the EuroTunnel Project.

  • 3-5 Year Warranties
  • eBook: "How to Start a Consignment Business" (52 pages)
  • 2-Day Shipping
  • Free Advertising
  • Free Daily Data Backups
  • Free Software Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • No Add-On Fees
  • No Annual Fees