Consignment Ease Software Solution

Convert to Best Consignment Shop Software and end annual fees.

Alternative to Consignment Ease Software

Convert your program and data to Best Consignment Shop Software and put an end to those annual support fees.

Consignment Ease was originally written by Bill Hawkins and a programmer from India. Bill passed the software on to a couple in Colorado and it was subsequently passed on to another small outfit in Iowa which hopes to gain big bucks by 'updating' Consignment Ease to their program and by requiring ongoing never-ending support fees. The initial costs are high and the ongoing support fees 'should be' completely unnecessary.

The best alternative to 'Consignment Ease' is Best Consignment Shop Software - a far better design and no annual or monthly support fees. Conversion is fairly simple and live training is available to make the transition an easy one.

Most importantly, the initial cost and the long-term cost are well below all other alternatives.

Another avenue of savings with BCSS is integrated credit-card processing. While most card processors quote a low rate for 'qualified cards' most cards are not 'qualified' in that they are the more costly rewards/travel/business cards which double the quoted rate. It's quite likely that the cost of accepting credit cards will also be reduced by taking advantage of the credit-card integration in BCSS (which apparently wasn't available in Consignment Ease).

BCSS includes an option that will allow for the deduction of a percentage at settlement for credit-card sales. The percentage can be based upon the consignor's share or it can be based upon the total amount of the sale. Requiring consignors to share in the expense of accept payment by plastic gives a boost to store net profit.

Other features in the new program that may not have been included in Consignment Ease:

  • Rewards Program awarding points to shoppers to be used for future purchases
  • Multiple discount schedules can be applied to a variety of inventory categories.
  • A different consignor % can be assigned to each consignor and/or to each inventory item.
  • Pictures can be taken, stored and recalled (at POS) to prevent tag switching
  • Employees can be denied access to any part of the program or data and they can be prevented from granting discounts at POS and/or voiding sales.
  • Information about buy-outright items and sellers can be recorded (and where required, reported to the police with BCSS Virtual).
  • A variety of thermal adhesive and non-adhesive price labels can be printed with or without barcodes.
  • Buy/Sell price suggestions can be offered by the program (optional feature).
  • Floor space in malls and flea markets can be managed. Expenses including rent can be deducted from sales proceeds.
  • With BCSS Virtual, consignors can view the account information and add inventory items online.

Best Consignment Shop Software is tied in price and features. BCSS Deluxe at $395 satisfies the needs of most small stores, printing agreements, price labels, hang tags, receipts, reports, settlements and checks using a common ink printer. It supports the use of a cash drawer, receipt printer and bar-code scanner. Again, there are no annual or monthly support fees.