BCSS and Square

Consignment software for use with Square credit-card processing

Consignment Software for Square

Use Square with Best Consignment Shop Software. At POS just swipe the card and on the BCSS invoice screen, use the drop-down menu to select the method of payment.

  1. The cash drawer won't fly open because BCSS has been trained to know the differences between credit-card transactions and others (cash, check, store credit, PayPal, gift certificate, Rewards).
  2. BCSS will not be involved in the credit-card process so shops don't need to include BCSS in PCI considerations.
  3. Square payments are separated from other forms of payments in the sales-recap report which breaks payments into payment types (VISA, MC, Discover, AMEX, cash, check, etc)
  4. The program is not 'integrated' with any credit-card processing so anytime in the future, you can switch from Square to another processing system without encumbrance.

Square as you know isn't bashful about fees so you might wish to consider an option in BCSS to deduct a set % from settlements of credit-card sales. There's another option for adding a small bit to credit-card purchases at POS. Under either circumstance, any individual can be excluded from the extra charge.

A little side step: The number of checks to write for settlements and the time spent doing them can be reduced by encouraging consignors to settle for store credit. That keeps the money in the store, converts consignors into buyers and simplifies the processing of settlements and payouts.

How to encourage them? In BCSS Program Setup add a small % bonus for settling for store credit. It seems just 5% is enough to persuade most consignors to spend their sales proceeds at your store.

Wonderful things are happening at Best Consignment Shop Software. There's so much more to save time and increase profits. Hopefully you'll take the next step of downloading the demo and calling for a free live demo.