Wish Lists

Keep a list of items shoppers request

Best Consignment Software Wish List

The wish list is a recording of special requests for consignment items by customers. It allows you to specify a description, a category and item details plus complete contact information for the requester. It is best to enter description and details as you would if you were entering a new item in inventory because this is how BCSS will search in looking for suggested matches. To enter this information click on 'New Wish List Entry' in the main tool bar. When you are finished, click OK. When the new request window closes, the view wishlist window automatically opens.

The view wishlist window has two tables. The upper table shows you the list of the current requests in the database. Click on one of these to show possible matches which will appear in the lower table. Below the lower table are two radio buttons. When the dot is in the 'Match Categories' choice, the lower table will show items in the database with the same category as the chosen request in the table above. Similarly, when the dot is in the 'Match Description and Details' choice, the lower table will display items in the inventory that match the text in both the description and the details records of the selected request.

Click on a request in the upper table after changing the matching choice to see the lower table list changed to reflect the new choice.

Also provided are buttons to edit the selected request record or to delete it. At the bottom of the page is another button that allows you to immediately open a New-Sale Screen which will show the selected match in the new sale item list. Also the buyer contact information from the request record will show in the new sale buyer information. Process the new sale document as you would any other sale from that point. More items can be added to this new sale item list in any of the ways that BCSS provides.

The wishlist can be viewed directly by clicking on the 'View Wishlist' button in the main toolbar.