Software Reviews

Some software-review sites are paid for recommending software.

Consignment Software Review Sites

'Paid reviews' are hardly unbiased and some of the better lower-priced programs (with no annual fees) aren't recommended ever because vendors offering lower-priced programs won't pay the bribe.

A clear example of this gimmick is softwareadvice dot com.

From the home page:

It is not free! Presumably SWA makes money by making software recommendations, so who's paying them? You are! If you were to purchase a 'recommended program' part of the money you pay (to the software vendor) is passed on to the review site as payment for recommending the software.

Conversely, 'software review sites' that only push software if paid are doing store owners a grave disservice by failing to meniton great programs at much lower cost. Said another way, software vendors who do not pay SWA off will not have their software mentioned ever.

Annoying Ploys

Clicking on 'Price' next to any software listing does not display price but brings up a screen intended to capture your contact information, so you can be contacted and sold on 'benefits' before these big price tags are revealed:

('Fishbowl' is not a dedicated consignment software app.)

Now, if SWA really had really investigated at least the most popular software programs and if SWA was really acting in your best interest, the image above might look something more like this:

(Only BCSS has no ongoing fees.)

They would also point out these important differences:

  • All but BCSS are selling user licenses, not software ownership.
  • All but BCSS have ongoing costs. (Traxia: $1800 per year every year.)
  • All but BCSS generally impose sales tax.
  • All charge higher prices for peripheral hardware (printers, scanners, drawers).
  • All have had unhappy dissatisified customers, including BCSS, and all attempt to discredit BCSS by posting negative comments on their websites.

More Deception

The name Best Consignment Shop Software and the website were formed several years ago on 3/16/2001...

...yet competitors (including sites like SWA) impose upon the Service-Mark and Trademarks rights of Best Consignment Shop Software in their advertising in hopes of attracting attention away from those actually familiar with and perhaps searching for Best Consignment Shop Software.

Note that while SWA will not recommend BCSS (Best Consignment Shop Software), they display the name in their ad appearing at the top of Google search results for 'consignment software', giving the illustion that their review is of 'Best Consignment Shop Software':

(Call SWA. Ask why they impose upon our name while refusing to recommend the software.)

Note also that SWA is paying a large amount of money every month to place that ad above other search results for consignment software.

In Summary

A good number of 'software review sites' have some gimmick or another for their existences. Very few if any have thoroughly investigated any program, the 'company' offering the software or the level of service, rendering such sites not only useless but detrimental.

Consignment Software Reviews is not a paid website. The sponsor of the site is a consignment-store owner who shares her unbiased findings after 5 months of thoroughly investigating software for consignment and resale.

Download the full version of BCSS and email for a free live tutorial or call 888-427-5779: