Consign-pro Alternatives

Relief from unexpected expenses and much more.

Consignpro Software Replacement Alternatives

Fed up with over-inflated prices (and egos), post-purchase 'surprise fees', new fees, manipulative practices, deception, program crashes, attitudes and slow responses? Good for you! Sorry you had to learn the differences between sales hype and truth the hard way.

Wilson at Consignpro sells his software based upon the assumption and hope that people are foolish, gullible and naïve. He's the typical one-man show using the Internet to create the illusion of a 'company', using 'we' to suggest that someone other than himself is pulling the puppet strings while he hides behind an 'LLC'. If you buy the baloney that paying more will get a better program and better service, then Wilson might succeed in fooling you.

Consignpro Reviews

A successful con man practices the art of deception, doing all he can to draw your attention to his past successful ruses while hoping to cover up the facts.

For example, Wilson points to good reviews at softwareadvice dot com but of course doesn't explain that the reviews are controlled by the site operatives who don't promote any software vendor who doesn't agree to pay for their recommendations.

He heralds reviews at capterra dot com but if you're astute, you'll notice that most of the reviews were submitted more than a year ago (September, 2014). Not many reviews since and recent reviews (which are less likely to be controlled) reflect a more accurate assessment of the many dissatisfactions with 'conpro'.

Hand in hand Wilson shines a spotlight on 'bad reviews' of competitors, obviously controlled by him and his sidekick over at 'the computer peeps' who both embrace slander as a marketing tool.

Think for a minute: Would you pay $1500 up front (for a $99 program) plus annual support fees plus more trailing fees to a one-man show that may roll up its tent at any moment, leaving with your money and no recourse, no software and another program to purchase and learn? Ask those who have gone before you: You will NOT be getting a refund.

The Scam

'Deceiving people for financial gain' is the exact definition of fraud.