Markdowns and Rebates with BCSS

    • Volume Discounts on Premium Products
    • Something Off Everything
    • No Monthly or Annual Fees!
    • 30-Day DOA Returns
    • 2-5-Year Warranties
    • IT Services at Bargain Rates
    • Free Shipping - No Sales Tax

Rollback prices on consignment-resale software, hardware and service with markdowns on volume purchases. Salvage those startup savings with something off on all premium programs and POS equipment.

Software Cost Reductions:

That's right! No ongoing fees with Best Consignment Shop Software!

Clearly shops deciding on just about any other consignment software will pay more over time for 'support' (or just the use of the software) than they will for the initial acquisition.

When deciding on 'Which software?' ALL costs over the life of the business must be included in "How much?".

What is the annual cost? How many years do you intend to remain in business? Multiply the two...

Qualification: Selling your business may not be a consideration now but if that day arrives, buyers will expect software, hardware and data to be the least of their worries. A store saddled with an expensive system requiring endless and increasing fees will be a major drawback.

Heads Up! Insist on written disclosure from any software/hardware provider of any and all fees that could possibly be paid - for 2 important reasons:

  1. The fees are 'there' for a reason - for users of the software to pay them. There are conditions, situations and gotchas which will force payment of them so when a software provider claims "no post-purchase fees" ask for it in writing.
  2. Written representations are one way of closing the door on fraud (which is intentional deception for the purpose of extorting money). When a surprise fee pops up after purchase, the written disclosure will provide push back.

Hardware Abatements

From the outset in the late 90's software vendors determined that profits could be increased by selling peripherals to consignment-software owners - receipt and label printers, cash drawers, scanners...

To this day they practice the same annoying methods of fattening profits - high markups, add-ons for shipping (and sales tax) and service. Here's an example from a Florida-based vendor:

From the vendor's website (12/25/18): "Select this if you need help installing or setting up a printer not purchased from Resa1ew0rld or if you purchased this printer more than 30 days ago from us and need help installing or reconfiguring on your computer."

When not disclosed this trickery is known as 'entrapment'. Total cost assuming only one $75 charge: $469 + $22 + $75 = $566. Compare that to purchasing the same printer (online) for $319 with free support from the printer manufacturer, then multiply this scenario by the number of pieces of equipment in use.

In summary shops can pay twice as much by not taking the time to shop around for concessions from various suppliers.

Caveat: Imagine someone purchasing something from your competitor then bringing it to you for free service, repair, cleaning, etc. Don't purchase accessories elsewhere and expect your software provider to provide free support.

Volume Concessions

Suppliers of software and hardware routinely knock off a percentage of the invoice total for larger orders, so getting 'everything' from one source simplifies the process (of acquiring and maintaining gadgets) and decreases actual cost.

Qualification for deduction allowances may not be published so asking for something off, a modification of terms or a exemption (like from shipping) prior to finalization might result in a reduction in cost.

Best Consignment Shop Software Prices

Compared to competitors BCSS pricing would have to be described as 'cut rate' in several ways:

At the very least, ask BCSS for an Estimate or Invoice itemizing your intended purchase - if only for a basis for comparison. If another offer appears to be better, pass it by BCSS for verification.

If a software program seems to be more suitable, ask BCSS if a change could be made to their software to accommodate your need. (There may be a one-off cost of customization which is still far better than an ongoing never-ending cost to acquire the software feature elsewhere).