Farmers Market App

Rent spaces. Deduct rent from sales proceeds.

Consignment Software for Farmers Markets

With Best Consignment Shop Software you can keep track of rentals spaces and occupants (vendors), process sales for them and deduct rent from their settlements.

There are options to allow vendors to view information and enter inventory online where it can be downloaded to the market operator's computer for inventory input and label printing.

Another option passes credit-card charges on to vendors automatically at the time of settlement. Owners of farmers markets shouldn't have to bear this expense in addition to providing POS services and merchant account services. Charging a nominal amount per credit-card sale is becoming more widely accepted.

The program processes resale (buying from individuals and reselling), retail (buying from suppliers and reselling), rentals and consignments. That latter can be systematically reduced in price according to defined discounts schedules.

You can't buy Best Consignment Shop Software before experiencing the demo so please download the installation file below and call 888-427-5779 for a free live demo.