Furniture Consignment

A special program for reselling furniture

Furniture Store Consignment-Resale Software

Vary consignor % by item, client or category. Print professional hang tags with barcodes and scan at POS. Pay consignors with store credit. Add cleaning-repair-delivery charges. Organize inventory with categories for detailed reports. Discount unsold items automatically. Clients view their account info and add items online.

New inventory encourages repeat business so efficient turnover is a must. Since 2002 store owners by the thousands have relied upon Best Consignment Shop Software for optimizing inventory control, sales processing and client relations.

Furniture Inventory Management

Best Consignment Shop Software processes consigning, reselling (buy outright) and retailing inventory.

Each consignor, consigned item and inventory category can have its own split percentage. For example:

  • Regular customers might be paid 50% of sales proceeds while friends and relatives might be paid 80% and store owners are paid 100%.
  • Most items might have a 50-50 split but consignors might be paid more for collectibles and expensive pieces.
  • Items can be organized and grouped using categories and each category can be assigned its own %.

The software can be used to record information about individuals and the merchandise purchased from them for resale. The program will computer profit/loss for each piece, each category, each time period, etc.

Retail is the purchase of merchandise for resale from suppliers, wholesalers, importers, etc. The program provides the same functions and reports as for consignments and resales.

Sales Processing

Price labels and hang tags may be printed on sheets of labels using a standard black/white ink printer. More professional-looking thermal labels and tags can be printed with Diamond or Virtual.

Barcodes can be printing on labels and tags and scanned at checkout for fast POS processing. Receipts can be printed on plain paper or on 3" receipt paper using a thermal label printer. Discounts can be granted at POS per item, per category, per invoice or store wide.

Employees can be locked out of any part of the program and can be prevented from voiding sales and granting discounts at POS - two common methods of theft. Their cash drawers can be audited at any time.

More than one invoice may be open at a time, allowing checkout of the next person in line in the event the current purchaser wishes to look for something else. A sale can be put on hold and reopened later.

Settlement of sold items can be in batch or per individual. For credit-card sales a % can be auto deducted from settlements to help defray credit-card cost. Other additions or deductions can be entered at settlement and the transactions can be printed.

Customer Relations

Client data (consignors, sellers, buyers) can be recorded and exported in .csv (comma-separated value) format to be used in free email programs (like MailChimp) for customer communications about account information and promotions.

With Virtual consignors can view account info online and add items remotely (which can be downloaded at the store for editing and label printing).

It's nearly impossible to purchase the software until it has been determined to the store owner's satisfaction that the program is all that is required and works as expected on the shop's computer(s) so please get the free live demo before purchasing it.