BCSS™ on Macs

Apple says we can run BCSS™ on a Mac computer using Apple's Basecamp or Parallels.

Run Consignment Software on a Mac

Apple claims that Windows programs can be run on a Mac if Windows and Apple's Boot Camp (cross-platform software) are installed on the Mac.

In general the only issues have been related to the Mac successfully printing through the Windows interface.

These are system requirements for installing Windows 7 and earlier versions using Boot Camp:

  • An Internet connection
  • An administrator account in OS X to use Boot Camp Assistant
  • The keyboard and mouse or trackpad that came with the Mac
  • 2 GB of RAM minimum
  • 30 GB of free disk space is recommended if you're installing Windows for the first time, or 40 GB of free disk space if you are upgrading from a previous version of Windows
  • An authentic Microsoft Windows full install disc or ISO file
  • A built-in optical drive or a compatible external optical drive is required if you're using an installation disc
  • A 16 GB or larger USB storage device or drive formatted as MS-DOS (FAT) to install Windows Support software (drivers)

Avoid running Windows software on a Mac by using desktop (remote-PC) software to access a remote Windows system running Windows applications (like BCSS). This way BCSS can be available to Macs, Chromebooks, Linux PCs, iPads, Android tablet and other devices. A limitation would be the printing of documents like labels, reports and checks.

An alternative to running BCSS on a Mac is to lease a brand-new Windows computer from Dell (about $15/month). If viral infections are a concern, the Internet is not needed to run BCSS so simply keep the Windows computer disconnected from the Internet. If complexity is a concern, all that needs to be known about Windows to run BCSS is how to turn the computer on.

A completely unreasonable option is web-based software which runs through the browser. Such programs are advertised as "$99 per month" but users find that the price increases by 50% to $149 per month when the limitation of just 150 consignor records is reached.

There are other severe limitations to web-based consignment software including the fact that there is no ownership equity in the software, and such programs are offered by and maintained by one person -shaky ground for a consignment business.

If you are shopping for consignment software, know that it is a small unregulated industry filled with vendors who are unabashed in their claims, unfair policies and hidden fees. Shopping for consignment software is a must read.