Consignment POS

Special POS series for consignment and resale shops

Consignment POS Invoice Options

Best Consignment Shop Software is a fully-featured POS software system for resale, consignment, thrift, auction and retail stores. It is also customizable so if your favorite or unique feature can be added!

The Many POS Features of Best Consignment Shop Software

  1. Store owners and employees can log in and out of the sales invoice so each transaction includes the person's ID.
  2. On the POS invoice, discounts can be applied per line item, per invoice, by dollar amount and by percentage.
  3. In the inventory section of the program multiple discount schedules can be defined and applied manually or automatically to individual items and groups (categories) of merchandise. At POS the program enters the discounted price (which can be edited per item).
  4. In the sale section of the program a special sale or sales promotion can be configured. The date range of the sale can be set and discounts can apply to invoice total and/or to specific categories. At POS the discounted price is displayed.
  5. For convenient reference the item's lowest price can be displayed so a POS clerk might know the lowest price the owner of the item is willing to accept. Likewise the item's cost is displayed so those authorized to grant discounts at POS can know cost as a reference point.
  6. Shoppers (including employees) can apply accumulated store credit toward purchases. The program will place the amount of store credit in a payment field on the invoice. If the amount of the purchase exceeds store credit, the overage can be keyed in. Vice versa, the remaining credit will be retained in the client's account.
  7. The program has two tax fields to separate state and local or nation and provincial taxes. Tax can be applied to specific categories and of course to each item. Items and invoices can be made tax free and a reseller's tax ID can be entered for tax-free purchases.
  8. Information about those making purchases can be captured at POS for mailing lists and other contact uses.
  9. The BCSS invoice displays the customer's credit limit and rewards points, the clerk's ID, terms ((prepaid, COD, net 30), payment method, payment options and change due.
  10. Payment options include cash, check, credit-card, PayPal, store credit, gift certificate and deferred payment. (The cash drawer does not pop open for credit-card transactions.)
  11. Purchased items can be placed on layaway and the estimated payment schedule can be created on the invoice screen and printed on the receipt.
  12. Items can be added to the invoice in seeral ways: barcode scanning, choosing from a list of inventory, entering an unlisted item or entering the Item ID.
  13. An item or items can be removed from the invoice selectively.
  14. The entire invoice can be cleared.
  15. The program has provision for 5 invoices to be open at the same time, allowing a shopper who's checking out to look for something else or go to the car for her her purse and allowing the clerk to check out the next person.
  16. A sale can be placed on a 'permanent' hold and can be reopened at a later date for completion. The sale on hold will appear in the sales work area with a red background.
  17. Receipts are often not issued by consignment stores because used merchandise can't be returned but receipts can be printed, using an ink printer and a sheet of paper (in Exel Invoice format) or using a thermal label printer printing on 3"-inch wide receipt paper.