Model Railroading

Software for dealers, shows and enthusiasts.

Consignment Software For Model Railroads & Trains Resale

Track clients and inventory, print price tags, process sales and produce profit/loss reports for one low price. Rent floor space to dealers and hobbyists selling and trading in model railroading products.

Software for Model Trains Dealers

  1. Retail Sales: Buy merchandise from suppliers (wholesalers, manufacturers, dealers) and resell it using the software's retail features.
  2. Buy outright (Resale): Buy from individuals and resell. Record information about them and the products purchased, including pictures.
  3. Consignment: Add items to inventory by taking them in on consignment. The program includes an editable consignment agreement, keept track of clients and their possession, processes sales and splits sales proceeds between consignors and the shop.
  4. Rental: Some items may produce income by renting them out. Charge a security deposit. Keep track of dates out, dates due, rent amounts, renters and assess late penalties.
  5. Layaways: Increase income by allowing (interest-fee) periodic payments with delivery upon the final payment. A payment schedule can be stored in the program and can be changed.

The program's POS includes options for sales tax (tax-free, taxation by item, tax at or above), split payments. Items can be entered on the sales screen by barcode, by Item ID, by pick list or by keying in unlisted items. Discounts can be applied per item or per invoice by dollar amount of percentage.

Employees can be granted or denied access to any part of the program and data. They can be prevented from voiding sales and granting discounts at POS. The cash drawer (till) can be audited at any time to determine correct amounts.

The software can be used with barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt, label and ink printers. Labels can be adhesive or non-adhesive and can be printed from sheets or from rolls.

Software for Events, Exhibits and Museums

With the software booth-floor space can be tracked. Recorded information includes space IDs, renters, rent amounts, due dates and customizable fees. The names of persons waiting for a space can be recorded.

A central POS station can print price labels and sell vendors' merchandise, appropriately crediting each vendor's account for his or her portion of the sales proceeds. The sponsor can just charge rent or share in sales proceeds with the ability to produce a report of vendors' sales falling short of rental amounts.

You can't purchase the software until the boss takes a look at the demo and confirms that the software meets expectations and works properly on the computer to be used so please download the demo and give us a call for a 'free live demo'.