Managing OUtsourced Consignments

Sell consignments in multiple locations. Manage inventory. Process Sales.

Software for Managing Consignments in Multiple Locations

For managing your consignment store use Best Consignment Shop Software.

Consignment Sales Tracking Software has arrived! Manage your consignments in multiple locations - locally or worldwide, online and off.

With CSTS you can:

  • Print labels with bar codes (including jewelry).
  • Track all merchandise at all locations.
  • Know the exact quantities and prices of items.
  • Know when to restock inventory.
  • Move inventory between locations.
  • Adjust prices at any time.
  • Record all income received as 'sales'.
  • Sell items not assigned to any location.
  • Resell for others for a commission.
  • Settle with resellers and consignors.
  • Create checks and record disbursements.
  • Compute profits, sales taxes, etc.
  • Create 300+ reports for distribution.

The program is free to use for 2 weeks. The demo is fully functional. If there's any problem or if you need assistance, please email us or call 888-427-5779.

Please note that this is a fully functional program for those who place items on consignment at consignment stores and resale shops. For a program for operating a resale business, please search for Best Consignment Shop Software.