Software for Managing Consignments in Multiple Locations

With CSTS you can:

  • Print labels with bar codes (including jewelry).
  • Track all merchandise at all locations.
  • Know the exact quantities and prices of items.
  • Know when to restock inventory.
  • Move inventory between locations.
  • Adjust prices at any time.
  • Record all income received as 'sales'.
  • Sell items not assigned to any location.
  • Resell for others for a commission.
  • Settle with resellers and consignors.
  • Create checks and record disbursements.
  • Compute profits, sales taxes, etc.
  • Create 300+ reports for distribution.

The program is free to use for 2 weeks. The demo is fully functional. If there's any problem or if you need assistance, please email us or call 888-427-5779.

Please note that this is a fully functional program for those who place items on consignment at consignment stores and resale shops. For a program for operating a resale business, please search for Best Consignment Shop Software.