AIMsi Tri-Tech Software

AIMsi Tri-Tech Consignment Software IS NOT Best Consignment Shop Software

AIMsi Tri-Tech Consignment Software Alternative

As best as can be determined 'Tri-Tech'is a couple of small-time operators out of Dubuque, IA attempting to benefit from the confusion they create by infringing on the well-known name of Best Consignment Shop Software.

They not only use the name (Best Consignment Shop Software) in the title of their webpage but they go so far as to suggest that they are BCSS, when in fact they allegedly purchased 'CCE' from a man-and-wife couple in Boulder, CO who had acquired CCE from the original developer, the late Bill Hawkins.

Best Consignment Shop Software (and the domain were created in the spring of 2001 (two thousand one). Hawkins, in his attempt to infringe upon the name 'Best Consignment Shop Software' named a version of his software 'Best Consignment Software' with the same intent of confusing the public into thinking that he was Best Consignment Shop Software.

AIMsi isn't the only perpetrator of this ruse. Other peddlers of consignment software try to work in references to 'Best Consignment Shop Software' in hopes of attracting attention away from their under-priced competitor (BCSS) and into their lairs of hidden fees, new fees, ongoing fees and inescapable increases in fees.

When you purchase a software program, you're most likely to be 'locked in' because you're not going to wants to mess with getting your data converted (hoping it all turns out well. You're not going to want to spend more money and you're not going to want to have to learn another program with a steep learning curve (because the replacement program will look and act completely different from your first choice).

An easy way to filter out those who have intentions of not being honest with you is to reject every software vendor who lies to you about fees and mimics the name 'Best Consignment Shop Software' in one way or another.

Pointed Questions to Ask

  • Are you Best Consignment Shop Software located in Dallas, TX?
  • Do you have annual or monthly support fees?
  • Are the fees optional?
  • What are the consequences of NOT paying your fees?
  • How often have you increased your 'fixed fees' in the past?
  • How many new fees have you created in the past?
  • Is training included in your annual support fee? If not, how much does it cost per hour?
  • Have you had any complaints about you, your software and your service? (Expect plenty of lies about this.)

The fact of the matter is that with the exception of Best Consignment Shop Software, every software vendor hopes to rope you into an never-ending stream of fees - not matter what the fees are called - not matter how they are masked.

In essence, the software is a 'lead product' designed to lock you into repetitive fees that, over time, will exceed the amount paid for the software initially.

One more thing of note: As the original purchaser of Best Consignment Shop Software, you have the option of selling the program to anyone else and recover some of your initial investment. Once again, you have to know the right questions to ask of other vendors, and you must know the facts before you ask the question to know how answers have been devised to skirt the truth.

For example, the schemers located in Florida will tell you "Oh yes, you can resell our software!" without explaining the catches: The one in Miami Beach will only allow the software to be transferred to one person - the person buying your business. Even they the buyer must remain at the same location, continue to use the same business name, address and phone number. The one located in Orlando will charge a 'commission' on the sale of 'your software' to another which pretty much wipes out any money you would receive from the sale.

Indeed it is a sad state of affairs that the Internet is so poorly monitored (much less regulated) that false advertising and outright lies abound - in the name of deceiving you for money, which happens to be the definition of 'fraud'.

Before you leap, get the facts, and know that surely, you will not get full disclosure from the fox in the hen house. Or, fall for the sales hype and find out after purchase and after the money-back period of all the fees that weren't disclosed when it's too late.

Don't reward Internet crooks with your business. Avoid the frustrations and aggravations and go where the deceivers are pointing, to Best Consignment Shop Software.