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Best Software processes purchases and sales of antiquities as well as consignment and trades.

Local Antique Shops

Neighborhood locations find the most economical approach to computerization in single-pay software that installs on local computers. The one-off price keeps cost to a minimum and with any luck, software and hardware could last for several years, as in the case of Best Consignment Shop Software which has been around since 2001 and has serviced over 3,000 consignment, resale and antique shops.

Often heirlooms are purchased outright by antiques shop owners who hold them for appreciation and investment profit via resales. Is software vernacular this practice is known as 'buy outright' or 'resale'. Owners can record sellers of pieces in the program and refer to that information as needed.

There's a move across the nation to require second-hand dealers to report purchases to law enforcement. If a piece turns up as stolen, the shop owner could readily retrieve the seller's information in the program's database.

Online Antique Shops

At first perhaps online operators think of 'integration' when considering a software program - a direct connection with local computers and some online website or shopping cart. Thorough research will turn up lofty endless prices in today's software market for such a convenience.

Where there are relatively few items in inventory, integrated software doesn't save enough time or create sufficient conveniences to warrant the significant additional cost over a program that installs locally and requires only payment once.

User's of Best Software can export inventory and upload it to web destinations but primarily online inventory quantities are updated manually as sales occur.

Right: not as convenient as an integrated system but again, 'pay once for lifetime use'.

Artifacts Dealers

Dealers might have some special requirements for business computerization.

A feature touted by web-based providers of software is mobility. The sales slogan is "Work from anywhere!". But again, at what cost? $100 per month minimum? $1,200 year in and year out?

There are others ways of achieving mobility without breaking the budget:

Trades or exchanges can also be transacted in Best Software including printouts of transactions.

Versatile Vestiges Software

Dealing in relics is often carried out on thin profit margins with long holding periods and fewer sales (as compared to other forms of inventory) so budgeting is particularly important to the bottom line.

Software offerings with lots of unneeded trappings are no match for a simple tool that gets the job done nicely but determine that for yourself with a free live demo prior to purchase, to assure that everything on your checklist is included. Call 888-427-5779 to speak to a person.